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Current Version  7.5.0  

Requires new license keys - Contact Support Before Upgrading

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 Notice: This upgrade will require new license keys.  You must have a current support and upgrade assurance contract on every licensed machine to upgrade.  Should you attempt to upgrade without a current support contract, it will result in a non working installation!  Be warned that you will not be able to rollback to your old version after attempting an upgrade if you are off contract.   Contact Support to check your status or to update your contracts.

File Replication Pro (FRP) has been delivering advanced file replication & synchronization technology to customers worldwide for over 20 years. File Replication Pro provides a reliable, super fast, and cost effective solution to the file sharing and availability needs of companies and organizations of all sizes?including international networks. See all Features


Robust features include advanced job scheduling, file delta identification, real time O/S hooks, bit level comparison, web GUI administration, bandwidth throttling and native cross platform support (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX).


Take a look at some of the ways companies and organizations are using File Replication Pro to solve their business needs:

Business Use Case

Out of hundreds of FRP customers, here is a collection of business use cases:


  • Architectural designs company syncs its work between offices across the USA
  • FRP makes Cross Platform disaster recovery possible for Australian provider
  • Global translation service uses FRP to replicate files between offices


More Business Use Cases

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