Advantages of Business Partner File Sharing with FRP:

  • Secure file sharing
  • Rapid and Efficient
  • Share between multiple Operating Systems
  • Windows, Linux, Mac & Others
  • Cost effective

Business Partner File Sharing


Provide a cost effective, secure and efficient method for sharing files and documents with remote business partners.


While email, FTP and file-shares go some way in enabling sharing of documents and files with your business partners, they are not only slow and limited in capacity but are also insecure, exposing your sensitive information to the public.

File Replication Pro is specifically suited to handle the complexities of sharing sensitive files and documents, regardless of the file type or operating system they reside on. Employing 'safe' synchronization technology, including encrypted transmission protocols and password protected access, File Replication Pro securely distributes your information over the internet. At the same time, File Replication Pro overcomes the challenges of efficient distribution of large files and large sets of files by employing bit level file comparison and multi session synchronization, saving valuable time.

Whether you are sharing CAD / design specifications, contracts, images or any other documents and files with your business partners, File Replication Pro is the cost effective, rapid and safe solution.

File Replication Pro works well with other software packages as well. If you have a software process today which needs to be triggered by the arrival of a file or a procedure that ends with a file delivery, the File Replication Pro API provides all the functionality using the latest protocols for a highly robust and seamless solution.

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