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OS and Version Support Table

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Contacting Support

Support is available on non-holidays Monday thru Friday 8AM to 5PM Eastern (GMT-5) time permitting,  contacting us by email is fastest.

Email Support

We respond to email very quickly. It's the best way to reach us.   Due to the complexety  of  issues that can arise with FRP,   it's best if you send us the logs (as detailed below)  as a zip attachment to your email.   This leads to the fastest  possible solution to your problem.

Email us at

Phone Support - Limited

Phone and Desktop Session Support are scheduled when needed after our first line email support  has not been able to resolve the issue.

Sending us Logs

Send the following files from SOURCE and DESTINATION servers so we can look at the problem from both sides of the "conversation" that takes place between the servers during replication jobs.

Please send the files below zipped up by host name(if they exist).


The files can be zipped, rar, or tar archives.

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