Business Use Cases

Ocean Shipping company uses FRP to replicate files to ships at sea

This company provides all sorts of communication services to ocean going ships. From satellite TV for entertainment, to broadband internet. All sorts of shipping is served from tourism, to ocean going research vessels and oil prospecting ships which need data communications and file transfer for research.

Architectural design company syncs it's work between offices across the USA

An Architectural design company syncs it’s 4 offices scattered around the USA using FRP with the OFM plugin. FRP is able to replicate these drawings with the latest version of Autocad where it locks files open even not when in use. DFS cannot replicate these files.

FRP makes Cross Platform disaster recovery possible for Australian provider

An Australian networking and I.T. services firm uses FRP to replicate data cross platform to their Netware servers after collecting it from various customers sites which operate in Windows environments for an offline disaster recovery solution they provide.

Global translation service uses FRP to replicate files between offices

FRP is used to move voice and documents for translation and delivery between offices. Headquartered in New York, with offices in over 50 cities on 4 continents. They provide a full range of language and business services including translation, interpretation, website globalization, subtitling, voiceovers, multicultural marketing, diversity and inclusion consulting, deposition services, and litigation support to multinational companies.

UK Graphics solution provider uses FRP to do cross platform disaster recovery

As an addition to their line of services to customers, A UK Graphics solution provider uses FRP to do cross platform disaster recovery. Customers with MACs on site are having their critical data replicated to windows machines in leased rackspace servers at a data center for disaster recovery at a low cost to small and medium businesses.

Very Large Newspaper publisher uses FRP in graphics operations

One of the largest Newspaper chains in America uses FRP to transfer photos and images to a central processing center for editing and processing in the publications. The files are deposited in a “drop box” at various offices which are automatically replicated to an inbox at the center. After processing the photos are returned the same way.

Banking I.T. provider uses FRP to replicate data

A banking I.T. provider serving hundreds of community banks provides solutions for their technology needs. FRP is used to replicate backups of systems across virtual machines for redundancy.

FRP used to sync files between offsite laptops and company server

Farming seed and crop protection manufacturing company which had plants in 14 countries and sells products in more than 100 countries around the world. Uses FRP to sync files between home servers and laptops of employees who are traveling.

Large European Aerospace, Defense and High Tech Recruiter uses FRP

One of the Largest European Aerospace, Defense and High Tech Recruiters uses FRP to manage it’s documents and data between it’s offices across Europe keeping all offices up to date with applications, interviews and reference materials.

Hosted document management firm uses FRP to streamline it's operations

Financial institutions and businesses are faced with increasingly complex challenges when it comes to enterprise and departmental document management. Ever increasing amounts of data. Expanded document management requirements. FPR helps optimize the storage, management and delivery those documents between storage servers.

UK Automotive web portal uses FRP to distribute and backup web servers

One of the largest and most popular UK Automotive websites with thousands of New and Used automobile for sale listings as well a large range of other services uses FRP to distribute web content between servers and to backup critical customer and ad data from the web servers.

South African software development company uses FRP in DR plan to protect code

A South African software development company uses FRP in it’s Disaster Recovery plan to protect years of software development code by replicating it to multiple other office locations. Over the years 300GB of precious code has been written, as a small company with a few locations they replicate all of their code libraries to their other sites to keep multiple backups for each site at other locations preventing a total loss of code even if more than one location suffers a disaster.

FRP is being used to replicate mail files for a free email service

A free email service provider uses FRP to backup of millions of email files between servers. They find FRP is very efficient at moving only the changed bits of files which saves a huge load on the the system and bandwidth.

E-Learning company uses FRP to maintain multiple high availability web servers

An E-Learning company uses several web servers to offer online courses, training sessions and course scheduling. They use FRP to to sync in real time class scheduling, course updates and student materials between any of 3 or more servers to which any customer may be directed to at any time.

County government uses FRP to replicate critical data backups to NAS devices

Our county government offices uses FRP to Replicate all our server data to a NAS drive. So I have a live copy of data in case of a server crash and a very easy way to take all or our data elsewhere in case of an emergency.

A Global Ecology project uses FRP to move content to live web servers

A Global Ecology project uses FRP to move content to live web servers. FRP is used as a solution to synchronizing the local web staging server to the production web server. This solution provides a simple way for content creators to save content to a local folder which FRP is automatically updating on the production web server. This method protects the production server from direct access by numerous users and they do not need to know anything about how to access and upload the content.

Major Real Estate MLS Hosting company uses FRP to update millions of photos

A very large MLS Software and Hosting provider hosts over 100 MLS systems worldwide each of which has up to 8,000 member offices. With millions of real estate pictures and listings on it’s servers, they have been using RSYNC to backup offsite. However, with over 300,000 directories to be traversed RSYC just can’t keep up. In trial runs FRP demonstrated serious speed gains over RSYNC in the initial replication and a huge difference in followup replications keeping the files up to date.

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